27/11/2018 11:51

The first international startup competition between Solution Providers/Solution Partners and Business Owners will be jointly held by GS1 Iran Organization and the Scientific Electronic Commerce Association in the International Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting from 27 to 30 May 2019.

This startup event specifies GS1 standards in supply chain management based on product and service coding infrastructure. The participants share their ideas over the course of four days in three areas of IoT, Blockchain technology and E-commerce, and compete with each other after the initial arbitration and team-building.

The purpose of the event is to use GS1 standards and guidelines in supply chain management and to implement them by students and entrepreneurs interested in this field. Another goal of the competition is to create job opportunities and to make young people encounter with different sectors of the industry by using up to date technologies. Also, due to the presence of different international companies and entrepreneurs, the grounds for employment and taking new ideas are provided by these companies.
Participants can register individually or in groups on this event. Team members can include SPs, developers, user interface designers, marketing experts, business professionals, and many more.
To participate in this event, one does not necessarily need to have a symbolic idea; participants with different specialties enter the event and, if needed, will join other teams.
The owners of the idea should, however, consider that the main focus of the proposed initiatives should be based on GS1 standards and solutions in supply chain management. For more information about these standards, visit GS1 Iran’s website.
At the end of the event, some exquisite awards will be allotted to the participating teams. Top teams of the event can also benefit from special offerings of GS1 Iran, known as one of the active representatives of the GS1 International Organization, and will also receive special privileges for its partners.