27/11/2018 11:51

As a result of transforming circumstances and economic situation in our country, managers and successful business owners in our country have valuable experiences and views in the various scope of management, including interaction with specialists, facing unpredictable issues and many other areas. The TEDx event provides an environment in which collections of ideas and experiences of experts in various fields are presented and made available in a simple, intimate and appealing language. A TEDx conference includes live presentations and speakers present some abstract of their experiences and knowledge to the participants in a short period of time. These presentations and lectures provide the grounds for more extended and effective discussions between participants in smaller groups.

Social networks and mobile software are however the particular ones that can extensively play an important role in the substantiation of the "Global Business Language" slogan. Consequently, GS1 Iran is considering taking a major step in the field of education and standardization of goods and services by launching the first International TEDx Conference of GS1 Global Standards (TEDx GS1 Iran) on April 30th. This event marks the beginning of expanding partnerships, developing ideas and sharing the valuable experiences of executives and business owners, as well as the importance of protecting attributable and relevant data and standards applications.

Leveraging the experiences of managers and business owners and also providing solutions based on GS1 standards in various areas of supply chain information management is one of the most important achievements of the event, which provides the grounds for the growth of emerging ideas by researchers and entrepreneurs interested in this field.

You are welcome to visit our site at event.gs1ir.org