The idea of the "Auto-ID Center" was officially published in 2003 based on the unique identification of objects, Internet technology, and RFID tags which was named "Electronic Goods Code" (EPC).
EPCglobal was a joint venture between GS1 organization and GS1 US at the time and by gaining licensing research from the Auto-ID Center was set up for standardization of EPC technology. Leveraging previous experience of EPCglobal in technical infrastructure in relation to the characterization of smart materials initiated its research in the development of IoT technology.
Interactions between brand owners and consumers have expanded much beyond the point of sale insofar as whatever the consumer does with the product would just be considered an experience gained for brand owners.


  • In fact, Consumer Internet of Things (C-IoT) facilitates communication among consumers, products, brand owners and retailers by connecting them via the Internet.
  • Consumer Internet of Things (C-IoT) includes everything throughout the life cycle of a product after the point of sale as setup, installation, use, storage, sharing, replenishment, maintenance, repair, rearrangement, resell, and discarding;
  • Consumer Internet of Things (C-IoT) requires an integrated architecture system that enables collaboration among manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, and consumers, and that is how GS1 identification standards play their role. GS1 is the largest, the non-profit, neutral organization in the world that provides unique, precise, accurate, and consistent identification for products.

GS1 is accredited based on experience, extensive international collaboration, and through barcode and RFID standards in various industries. C-IoT provides retailers, brands and service providers (SPs) new opportunities for market growth, along with methods of attracting customers by means of creating communication between products and consumers.
The application of GS1 Standards on the IoT would be presented at the International Conference held on April 27th at the International Conference Hall of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. It will review the GS1 guidelines and standards on IoT and will include various working groups along with the member organizations and service providers around the world.