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Business networking is a valuable way of expanding knowledge, learning from others' experiences and receiving new customers in business. Strong and active networking has the privileges that can present your organization or business to others and help it develop considerably. The most explicit advantage of networking is to find strong and high-quality groups.

There are always many opportunities made available through networks and negotiations in such situations. Opportunities such as joint ventures, lucrative customers, partnerships, sales, networking, and negotiation, etc. are an irrefutable concept in business transactions; a successful business needs an appropriate source of influential people. This group of people may be connected to a more capable and competence network.

GS1 Iran believes connection and networking play an important role in expanding business activities and gaining global interactions. Therefore, it intends to proportionally use the benefits of networking and international communication as on a two-day tour to the memorable city of Kaşhan. This tourism tour will be attended by hundreds of members of GS1 organizations from different countries, as well as domestic and foreign services providers (SPs).

It is notable that major international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Walmart International, etc. are board members of the GS1 International and have been instrumental to promote GS1 standards and solutions for supply chain management.

Underground City of Nushabad

There is an underground city with a depth of four meters to eighteen meters, all built by human beings. This underground city is divided into three floors and consists of several spaces, including a room, multiple canals, corridors, wells and other sections, each of which is connected by vertical wells.

Bazaar of Kashan

Another valuable historical heritage in the city of Kashan is the traditional market of this city, which in addition to its architectural beauties, was one of the best and most famous markets in its time. For example, the market of Kashan is not around the world, and its market length is almost two thousand years old. Kashan market is very beautiful and well-covered rooms, caravansaries are big and comfortable.

Niasar Cave

One of the great wonders and man-made cave aged nearly 2000 years. The unique Niasar cave is an amazing relic of an ancient civilization. Dating from the Parthian era, it is entirely man-made (except for one or two natural chambers near the entrance openings). Doubtless, it functioned as a Mithraist temple and was built, like most other Mithraist temples, in full darkness.

Borujerdi & Abbasian House

The historic Abbasids' house is a large historic house museum in Kashan, Iran. It was built during the late 18th century and belonged to a wealthy glass merchant. It is partly converted into a teahouse, a traditional restaurant, and a small shop. Other such houses, including the Borujerdi House and the Tabatabaei House, are located nearby.

Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village of Kashan is one of the most beautiful and unique villages of Iranian history, which is popular among tourists and tourists all over the world. The villages are built on a hillside north of the river, with wooden sash windows and exterior covered with red soil. Visiting this beautiful place brightens up the soul and human body through the fascinating nature and spectacular scenery.

Bagh-e Fin Garden

One of the most famous Iranian historical gardens belonging to the Safavid era is the Garden of Fine, two important and historical baths of Iran, located in the city of Kashan and in the southern part of the Garden of Fine, which was called the Great Bath (Royal Bath, by the order of Fath Ali Shah Qajar) And a small bathroom (bathrooms for servants).In the small bathroom bath, there are 7 tiles dating back to 500 years.

Aqa-Bozorg Mosque

The mosque and school of Aqa Grand Kashan, one of the most beautiful and most magnificent mosques built during the Qajar era, was funded by Haj Mohammad Taghi Khanban, and completed its construction process during the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah. The dome of the building, with its beautiful architecture and its design, is considered to be short of its time.

Fire temple of Naysar Kashan

The fourfold firecrackers of the Sassanid era are located at the altitude of Naysar Kashan, which in the distant past was used as a place to hold special ceremonies of the followers of the Zoroastrianism religion. This monument, also known as the "Four Caps" and "Four Gates"

Maranjab Salt Lake

Maranjab salt lake is located approximately 100 km east of the City of Qom and 60 km of Kashan. The lake has a surface area of about 1800 km². Many people confuse the Maranjab Salt Lake with “Howz Soltan” salt lake. The lake looks like a triangle and its 5 to 50 meters deep. The Maranjab salt lake is used for salt extraction too. The lands around the salt lake are swampy, so it’s better to visit the salt lake with a local guide who knows the area.

Sand dines

Another attraction of Maranjab desert is the sand dunes. The tallest sand dunes on east, are about 70 meters. On the southern side of Maranjab Caravanserai there is a mountain, known as “Kolang Mountain” surrounded by sand hills. If you are looking for a little adventure, With a 15 minute walk you can reach the top, the view of the desert from the top in just breathtaking. The moving sand dunes create a wonderful landscape in the desert. You can enjoy walking on the sand dunes with bare feet. Since the temperature rises in desert in the midday it’s better to walk on the moving sand dunes in the early morning or late afternoon.

Ghamsar Kashan

Concerning the history of Ghamsar, it should be conclusively and based on authentic documents that the discovery of several tears at the feet of the Tear Mountains which have the multiplication of the first Achaemenid dynasty, the multiplication of the Selukian period and the period of the Parthian period is considered to be the most reliable document in studies of the history of at least 2,500 years old area is On the other hand, the existence of large cemeteries with various burial objects confirms the life of prehistoric times.

Kashan Silk Hills

Of course, it will be interesting and exciting to visit the place where the oldest human civilization originates. The point of Kashan in the sanctuary of ancient times were, of clay and pottery made so much of their information was not available until after the flooding in eighty years ago, the head of unearthed and The title of historical and valuable works was studied and studied.

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