27/11/2018 11:53

Smart Contract
One of the major applications of BlockChain is on Smart Contracts. The type of Contracts follow the “if-then” statements which is used in frequent coding on BlockChain. This would make network of computers operational based on the pre-defined conditions. [Read More]

Social Marketing
BlockChain is one of the ways to distribute data in a safe and reliable invironment. This technology was introduced in the early 1990s and became widely known as the emergence of the digital currency (Bitcoin).Besides providing transparency in the processes of information exchange, BlockChain technology renders businesses with specific capabilities, such as, more precise targeted and detailed advertising. Today, most companies use data analysis to make major advertising decisions.[Read More]

BlockChain and Food Tracking
Food traceability is considered to be one of the major challenges in this industry. The consumers of this sector are also concerned about food quality and safety. BlockChain technology has the ability to increase efficiency, transparency and, collaboration throughout the supply chain. [Read More]

BlockChain and Carpet Industry
The exec and abundance of luxury goods and services makes it more fascinating and attracted for consumers. This is one of the reasons why luxury goods in the industry grew faster than other areas and continue to grow even at times when other industries are facing economic challenges. [Read More]

BlockChain Application in Copyright
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is widely being used in protecting digital content and has contributed greatly to this field. DRM is applied in a variety of industries, including films, music, computer games, etc., which sets certain rules for accessing and copying content. Its traditional version has several disadvantages, including concentration, lack of transparency of copyright information and transaction related information. [Read More]